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28 SEP 2017 - Welcome to Episode Zero of the Benevolent Hostility Review Podcast, a new business podcast from WSD Capital Management that highlights our latest thinking on issues of importance to business leaders and decision makers. Every week, WSD Capital Management’s Ertan Enginalev shares his unique and outspoken perspective on a broad range of timely and relevant topics affecting the rapidly changing global financial landscape.

Episode Transcript

Ertan Enginalev: “Up or down, when you’re looking at financial markets, the basic essence is that prices reflect both sentiment and consensus. Which is why the only way you can add long-term value in markets is to avoid outsourcing your thinking.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that you have to not only be ready to deviate from the consensus, by thinking differently, but also be right.

And there lies both the challenge and the opportunity.

Hello and welcome to Benevolent Hostility Review. A new podcast from the fine folks who’ve made a lot of very important people, very anxious, in a very short period of time.

This is your host Ertan Enginalev, and I’m the founder and managing partner here at WSD Capital Management.

Some of you may already know us from our short theses and targets, which have realized a cumulative equity value re-rating of more than 60 billion dollars over the past two years. Despite the strength of the second longest bull market in history.

What you may not know is that most of us here are based in Istanbul. Five thousand miles away from Wall Street, investing with a global mandate, removed from all the key financial echo chambers.

We decided to launch this podcast because it’s become clear we live in an age of rising information silos and filter bubbles. And there’s a growing need for variant views that stress-test today’s prevailing investor sentiments and issues of importance to business leaders and decision makers.

I gotta admit it’s a pretty broad and ambitious podcast. But I hope you’ll join us as we explore timely topics and unique viewpoints, which, I should warn you, may at times seem contentious, controversial and even counterintuitive.

After all, the best way to stay competitive is to stay uncomfortable.

So head to Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe to Benevolent Hostility Review and you’ll get the first episode as soon as it is up. You can also tweet us your questions and comments @WSDCapital or visit benevolent hostility dot com slash podcast to learn more.

I look forward to you joining me as we embark on this unique journey across the rapidly changing global financial landscape.

It will no doubt be eventful.”

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