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Our History

Pioneering bold, new approaches to drive change

We are developing outstanding assets into outstanding companies

Founded in 2014 with two desks and a single mission that would prove catalytic in our work, WSD Capital Management is a global investment firm that is committed to challenging convention, strengthening competitiveness, and building a culture of high standards.
Based far away from the global financial echo chambers, WSD Capital Management was founded with an industrialist spirit and a bold mission: To invest and engage in difficult situations and markets routinely avoided by other investors, while aiding economic growth and advancing the principles of good governance.
It turns out, only with sound strategic decisions can businesses take advantage of the benefits of instituting improved corporate governance, which drives lower costs of capital, higher margins, increased productivity and, in turn, higher valuations and long-term value for all shareholders.
We launched WSD Capital Management with a “growth through fortitude” mindset.
By circumventing traditional approaches, expending significant time and resources, and tenaciously engaging in difficult and complex situations through benevolent hostility, we develop outstanding assets into outstanding companies.
We believe that companies with good governance are the prerequisite for a more competitive and more prosperous society.
We also believe that we have a responsibility to make a positive impact that goes beyond expectations and financial returns.
More than 80 percent of the world’s most pressing development challenges can be addressed by focusing on three high impact areas: Social Development, Economic Development and Environmental Preservation. To help address these critical challenges, WSD Capital Management donates a portion of its fees to the Warschild Foundation, a non-profit organization that fosters progress in the social, economic and environmental spheres.
There is nothing complicated about it. Major challenges require great commitment and collaboration.


  • 2014WSD Capital Management Founded As First Activist Investor In Turkey

    Ertan Enginalev, a German-born Turkish-American investor and expert in mergers and acquisitions, establishes WSD Capital Management as Turkey’s first activist investor — the result of a handshake deal six years in the making.
  • 2015WSD Capital Management Launches First Public Activist Campaign In Turkey

    Despite favorable business characteristics and compelling growth prospects, Akfen Holding — one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Turkey — underperformed both its peer group and the broader stock market since its IPO in 2010.
  • 2016WSD Capital Management Portfolio Company Akfen Holding Completes Buyout

    WSD Capital Management portfolio company Akfen Holding generated a TSR of 134 percent following the publication of our firm’s engagement, outperforming the BIST 100 Index by 135 percentage points.
  • 2016WSD Capital Management Becomes First Global Hedge Fund Manager In Turkey

    WSD Capital Management becomes the first alternative investment firm with a Turkey-based investment team mandated to advise a portfolio investing in global special situations for global institutional investors.
  • 2018WSD Capital Management Exits Its “64 Billion Dollar Short” In British American Tobacco

    Following its RAI acquisition, BAT’s share price fell 33 percent, resulting in a loss of over £46 billion ($64 billion) in market value. The deal is on track to be one of the most overpriced and ill-timed acquisitions in financial history.

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