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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How do I apply for a position at WSD Capital Management?

    Submit your inquiry through the contact form and tell us about your background and past experiences. We will be in touch to discuss any upcoming opportunities that may be a good fit. At that point, we will request your resume for consideration.

    Relevant work experience is not always a prerequisite for success. Our firm reflects a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. We value diversity and competitiveness. We are not looking for great resumes — we are looking for great people.

    2Why does WSD Capital Management publicize its views and investments?

    Activist investors and short sellers are generally reviled as malevolent opportunists by most corporations, the entire sell-side industry, much of the financial media, and a lot of politicians. This deep seeded institutional bias is highly corrosive as it facilitates the formation of corporate frauds, bubbles, and financial crises.

    We believe that activist investing and short selling are an important check on the marketplace, and we support the assessment that frictionless short selling is essential for the efficient market hypothesis and the capitalized pricing model as William Sharpe noted in his 1990 Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

    Sharing our findings gives other market participants and shareholders an opportunity to evaluate our observations alongside the findings of others to see if their investment thesis has changed. All of our actions that can significantly affect a portfolio company require broad shareholder support.

    3Is WSD Capital Management a ‘corporate raider’?

    The term ‘corporate raider’ tends to be used by critics as a catch-all synonym for activist investors to marginalize their contributions to an effective market for corporate control. We do not believe that the traditional definition of the term accurately reflects our firm.

    We seek to work with the management of the companies in which we invest to enhance shareholder value through a combination of strategic redirection, improved operational execution and more disciplined capital allocation.

    Our firm’s unique position in the investment profession is built on our distinctive process of developing outstanding assets into outstanding companies through benevolent hostility.

    4Does WSD Capital Management promote short-termism?

    Acknowledging that short-termism is a problem is the first, crucial step in solving it. The second step is to understand why short-termism exists in the first place.

    As a firm, we adopt a long-term approach by providing patient, engaged, and productive capital, which encourages portfolio companies to institute active voting policies that lead to stronger corporate governance and improved investment strategies.

    5What is Benevolent Hostility?

    Benevolent Hostility builds a culture of high standards and is much more than an investment strategy. It’s a competitive advantage and a chance to work collaboratively in a team atmosphere to strengthen accountability and aid economic growth while advancing the principles of good governance, diversity, and competitiveness.