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At A Glance

The firm, its objectives, and the activities it undertakes


WSD Capital Management is a value-oriented investment firm that commits people, capital, and fortitude to help address the critical issues facing public companies. We seek to work with the management of the companies in which we invest to enhance value through a combination of strategic redirection, improved operational execution and more disciplined capital allocation.

The firm was founded in 2014 as the first activist investor and global hedge fund management firm in Turkey.

Enhancing Competitiveness

Propelling Growth

At WSD Capital Management, we apply a constructively firm approach to supporting controversially ambitious investments in undervalued or underperforming public companies.

Our objective is to engage management and boards to implement changes required to improve businesses. The capital we deploy is patient, engaged and productive, strengthening competitiveness and propelling growth by fostering significant and lasting action on the critical issues facing public companies.

Discovering Opportunity

Developing Potential

We focus on the discovery and development of companies and special situations with a compelling catalyst to enhance value and drive growth, navigating complex business relationships, corporate strategy, finance and operations.

Our unique position in the investment profession is built on our distinctive process of developing outstanding assets into outstanding companies through benevolent hostility.

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Active Strategy

Our goal is to create value across regulatory, economic and financial market cycles. This requires us to expend significant time and resources to understand and tenaciously engage in difficult and complex situations that other investors may avoid by:

  • Taking an industrialist investment approach to the public markets
  • Creating value and driving outcomes by using activism when appropriate
  • Concentrating portfolio in a limited number of high conviction investments
  • Conducting deep fundamental research
  • Adopting a long-term time investment horizon
  • Investing opportunistically in dislocations, corporate transformations and special situations

Value Approach

We support select investments with a number of key corporate initiatives that have a direct impact on enhancing value, both in the short- and long-term.

As a public markets investor, we avoid the control premiums, illiquidity and leverage of the private equity model while assisting companies in:

  • Designing and executing strategic corporate initiatives, including acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, asset sales, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and other transactions that can improve the overall value of the corporate enterprise.
  • Enhancing capital allocation and efficiency, including share repurchases, special dividends, recapitalizations, going-private transactions, optimization of returns on cash flows, and the management of the overall corporate balance sheet.

Our Strengths

In 2014, WSD Capital Management opened its doors with two desks and a single mission. From these early beginnings, the firm has captured a set of core strengths.

  • Independence

    WSD Capital Management is completely independent and not affiliated with any banking, insurance or industrial group.
  • Expertise

    WSD Capital Management combines deep expertise in M&A with global capital market experience.
  • Flexibility

    WSD Capital Management maintains a flexible mandate that allows our team to adjust to changing market circumstances.
  • Transparency

    WSD Capital Management pursues its investment initiatives and executes its engagements with unmatched transparency.
  • Fortitude

    WSD Capital Management is defined by unwavering discipline, favoring long-term growth over short-term returns.

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