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Positive Impact

We help organizations address business challenges


Every business has an impact on society and the way that people live their lives — from the products and services they deliver to the way they operate. Driven by a strong sense of purpose and courage to look beyond the obvious, we excel at challenging the status quo to help find solutions for continuous performance improvement across all aspects of organizations.

We value individual differences and thoughtful discourse. Through multiple perspectives, openly debated, we create opportunities and anticipate changes rather than react to them.

Working Together To

Tackle Problems

An important tenet of our mission is to help our portfolio companies succeed. When we support them to make significant and lasting improvements to their performance, we also help them to scale their contribution to society through the goods and services they deliver, the jobs they create and the economic growth they drive.

Global in scope, our investments and engagements span a wide range of industries and all types of economic conditions.

Identifying Catalysts For

Increased Value

We believe organizational excellence requires the willingness to evolve and adapt in pursuit of continuous improvement. Once a company joins the portfolio, we work with a wide range of different shareholders and are able to convene groups to work together to achieve concrete results.

We bring the best of our firm to these engagements. Our values guide everything we do as an organization and the choices we make.

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Strong Governance

Governance systems are shaped by a variety of factors that are inherent to the business environment. Well-designed governance practices are meant to provide transparency, visibility and accountability to employees, stockholders, customers, and other stakeholders on corporate financial and business performance.

Adopting these practices is meant to not just satisfy regulatory requirements, but to provide for the effective oversight and management of a company by allocating rights and responsibilities among the organization’s stockholders, board of directors and management in a manner that enhance value.

Ensuring strong corporate governance standards is thus essential to the health and stability of all economies, regardless of their level of development.

Essential Elements

• Ensure that management is accountable to the board
• Ensure that the board is accountable to shareholders

• Protect shareholders’ rights
• Treat all shareholders equitably
• Provide effective redress of violations

• Ensure timely, accurate disclosure on all material matters

Factors That Impact Value

Corporate Governance

- Board Size & Independence
- Shareholder Rights
- Executive Compensation

Business Strategy

- Growth
- Segments & Subsidiaries
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Public vs. Private Decision


- Production Efficiency
- Business Processes
- Personnel Issues


- Capital Efficiency & Capital Structure
- Dividend Policy
- Share Buybacks & Cancellations

Investor Relations

- Analyst Coverage
- Investor Interactions
- Forecast Accuracy
- Credibility with Markets

Conceptual Positioning

Successful Implementation

Requires A Change In Mindset & Behavior

We are always searching for what is significant, for what will really make a difference. While rules and standards are important, on balance, positive impact is about working with the management of the companies in which we invest to create value, jobs, and economic growth.


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